Thanks For Asking

Thanks for asking, thanks for reminding me to tell you how to support NCA. Your immediate responses and support are humbling. Your numbers and your generosity give us the energy we need to carry on. Thank you.

Here’s the information you requested today:

You can donate anonymously by using the Donate button on our website.

Send checks made out to ORNL to NCA at PO Box 34071, 37930.

Send checks directly to Kramer Rayson LLP to the attention of Tom Hale. Put NCA is the memo line.

We can’t do it without you.

While we wait…

It is hard to wait to learn how the judge will rule. But it’s a great time to take stock of our successes. No matter what happens, we have had a very important impact and great successes. Knox County won’t be the same.

1) They know our name. We also know theirs. We are now well recognized downtown and have effective working relationships. The Mayor knows our leaders by name and understands clearly what we stand for. A number of commissioners are among our best resources and allies. In short, we know who our allies and resources are – and we know the processes. We will be there for our friends at election time!

2) The issues facing the Northshore corridor are now clearly defined and public matters. Importantly, there is strong consensus on what must be done.

3) At the top of the list is Northshore traffic along with planning for all essential publicly funded infrastructure – before development. The traffic study we asked for and were twice denied is now marching toward reality! The Transportation Planning Organization found $75,000 for this important study and the State will be matching that. We went from the unfortunate position of planning to fund and commission the much needed study ourselves – and being told it would not be considered – to this appropriate civic process and funding.

4) A nebulous and very unsavory plan for a sewer treatment plant has apparently been abandoned. As a reminder, we were first told Post Oak sewage would be piped back to the existing facility. We later were told there would/might/could be an in-development plant. Along the way we were also led to believe there might be a “drip” system. Then, through forced legal discovery, we found the plan actually in the works was for an offsite plant – right in the front yard of a beloved historic church! On this issue we remain vigilant.

5) The Knox County Planning staff have changed their methods – something we much desired. They are engaging with our group on the front end of the process, treating us citizen partners as they prepare professional recommendations for the Commission’s consideration. We will continue our work with these essential professionals as their office, and indeed the entire planning process and planning law itself face major challenges from developers and apparently from the Mayor’s office – which may be considering their elimination. We are at work on this and will keep you informed.

6) TVA has told us they plan to change the point at which they enter the project approval process – appropriately to the front rather than back end. Projects which cannot pass TVA, EPA and Corps of Engineers approvals should not, and under the new plan, will not proceed fruitlessly. Hopefully, the Health Department will also be brought to the front end of the process This minimizes the possibility of sidelining and minimizing essential professionals’ input to rubber stamping politically powerful plans.

7) We gave birth to a county-wide citizen action organization – the Knox County Planning Alliance. We can hardly say enough good words about the work of these capable volunteers (see the above list for some idea.) Again, Knox County will never be the same. County leaders are no longer shrugging their shoulders as Knox County development proceeds unbridled with no overall vision and very limited citizen input and control. The citizens are now organized, willing to stand up and our elected and appointed leaders understand we are both capable and vigilant.

8) Neighborhoods across the county have sought and received our guidance and are successfully holding their ground for appropriate, planned development that respects neighborhoods, and planning laws and respects community resources for infrastructure.

Stay tuned. We will post here as soon as we have more information. In the meantime don’t forget to contribute toward our legal fees. We retained the best and their time and expertise come at a cost.