Rezoning Proposal Update

Update on posting below. We have learned the applicant has withdrawn their request. (We should also note we sometimes see this happen, then see the application re-submitted later, presumably when conditions are perceived to be more favorable.)
We would like to make you aware of a rezoning proposal for a parcel on Concord Road for the purpose of high-density low-income housing.
The parcel in question is located along Concord Road (between the traffic circle at Northshore Drive at Concord Road and the traffic light at Turkey Creek Road and Concord Road. It is immediately proximate to the Clarity Point retirement living facility and also close to the lake and the old town of Concord. )(Parcel ID153 03706).
The proposal is for the ultimate potential of several, three or possibly four-story buildings and potentially 151 apartments. If approved, it would override Knox County’s present zoning and Town of Farragut plans already in place.
The matter will be considered by the Knoxville and Knox County Planning Commission on Thursday, September 10th.
If you have an opinion on this proposal you can contact 1) the Planning Commissioners (as opposed to Knox County Commissioners), 2) the Planning Staff and/or 3) attend the meeting on Tuesday.
For your information –
Staff Planner:
Subject line: 9-E 20-RZ & 9-A-20-SP (application reference number)
Both the Town of Farragut Board of Aldermen and Mayor and the Knox County Commissioner for the Farragut area (John Schoonmaker) and have expressed concern and stated support for maintaining the present zoning which supports the planning and goals now in place and respects infrastructure capacity and budgets.
Already impacting Northshore Drive, Westland Drive and Pelllissippi Parkway traffic flow are numerous new large apartment complexes comprising many hundreds of units – all feeding traffic to these arteries. Some of these complexes are still under construction. To mention a few locations – Wallace Rd. at Northshore Drive (behind Manor Care assisted living), Westland Drive at West Emory Rd., Westland Drive at Ebenezer, off Thunderhead Rd. (?) at Northshore Town Center, and also at Falling Waters off Northshore and Pellissippi. All of this is happening at a time when roadway infrastructure funds are already inadequate and road construction projects are at least years away.
It is unclear whether the corporations erecting these large housing projects in our community have local ownership and therefore an interest in their impact on the health and well being of Knoxville and Knox County and hopefully return of investment to the community. It is also unclear whether there is an overall plan for Knox County housing growth that would foresee and prevent a glut of one type of housing or other adverse impacts on the community.