What Matters

NCA Friends,

We hope this post finds you well and safe in a very unsettling time.

Now is a good time to concentrate on what matters. For most of us that is family and health.

It is also a good time to remember our neighbors. Those who are older find may find themselves in a dilemma, needing basic supplies and necessities but unable to safely get out – and maybe uncomfortable in asking for help.

An offer of help is a great way to become better acquainted with our neighbors. If you are able, we hope you will offer assistance.

Families with school-age children are greatly challenged right now and may also appreciate a willing errand runner, an emergency babysitter or just a sympathetic listening ear. Some of us just need to talk about what we are going through. Being heard can do much to relieve stress.

Many jobs are suspended now – indefinitely, especially those in food service and hospitality. Some of those workers might love to be your paid errand runner, mulch spreader or window washer.

Historically, widespread adversity has strengthened communities – when neighbors realized the great strength of cooperation and support. Let’s build an even stronger community in Knox County as we weather this challenging but temporary storm.