Efforts to Scrap the Knox County Growth Plan Defeated by the County Commission 
by Diane Montgomery
January 28, 2019

Tonight we represented you at the Knox County Commission meeting and came away with a MAJOR VICTORY FOR CITIZENS AND INCLUSIVE, TRANSPARENT PLANNING!

A motion to exempt Knox County from state law PC 1101 (that mandates communities must have and adhere to an inclusive, comprehensive planning document) WAS DEFEATED in a hard fought battle that lasted several hours.

Northshore Corridor Association stood shoulder- to- shoulder with Hardin Valley Planning Advocates and five other community groups from North, East and South Knoxville, the League of Women Voters and the Town of Farragut.

Commissioners Brad Anders and Randy Smith made a passionate, relentless push to abandon present state law (by exemption) and free Knox County to proceed on its own. Their numerous procedural maneuvers ultimately failed (but caused much confusion and numerous clarifications by the County Law Director).

Commissioner John Schoonmaker very effectively represented the citizens by presenting and repeatedly defending and clarifying a counter-measure. He was strongly joined by Michele Carringer, Carson Dailey, Evelyn Gill and Charles Busler who all spoke for the citizens and the importance of planning and citizen input. Commissioner Hugh Nystrom, sponsor of the exemption resolution, much to his credit, conducted the meeting with thoroughness and fairness, no easy task under the circumstances.

Many thanks are due to Kim Frazier, Kevin Murphy and John Schoonmaker who all devoted much time to preparation and communication that allowed the meeting to be productive and fair. We hope you will take time to extend them your thanks and support.