Update – October 4, 2019

Dear Supporters, a concerned citizen wrote to point out a large parcel of land along Northshore Drive that may be sold soon for development.

In fact, the green space we still enjoy around us is comprised of many parcels still available for development. Developers are eagerly pursuing those – as regulations fade.

In the void between the protections of the old Growth Plan and any new regulations, unless County Commission acts immediately to regulate development, we can almost certainly count on much more high-density development like the huge apartment complexes and the zero lot line mini-neighborhoods being strategically shoe-horned onto parcels sited to take advantage of our good schools.

Unless there is change, the taxpayers will largely or solely bear the costs of impact on our roads, schools, water and sewer systems, and on air and water.

We are happy to report that a number of commissioners share our NCA and KCPA concerns – but they are under pressure.

They must hear from us often and know they have our backing when they confront pressure from developers, public officials, and their development-friendly fellow commissioners.

We urge you to contact the commissioners at commission@knoxcounty.org with your concerns. The commission phone number is 215-2534.

Hugh Nystrom is Commission chairman and represents much of the Northshore Corridor (4th district). John Schoonmaker (5th district) also represents our area as does Larsen Jay (at large). Other commissioners, Carson Dailey (9th district) and Evelyn Gill (1st district) have also been available and helpful to us. It is very important for them to understand how many of us are deeply concerned – and that they have our support at election time.

The commissioners are likely to tell you the rest of the commission must also hear from you. We strongly agree. It is easy to write one commissioner and copy all of them.