Update – November 17, 2019

We are still waiting to hear from the judge. In the meantime, our volunteers continue monitoring County Commission meetings and Commissioners’ actions in the important area of growth planning – a very worrisome concern that threatens to dramatically change our quality of life.

We are having success influencing the decision-makers but it is an enormously taxing and time-consuming effort and we dare not take our eyes off the ball.

As we work and wait, the bottom line is this.

Our efforts have been effective in delaying over-development of the Bailey Farm property and the 18-acre parcel across from Manor House and we have had a chilling effect generally on aggressive, irreversible over-development in west Knoxville County.

So far, we have staved off greatly increased danger on our roads, held off the installation of a very undesirable sewer treatment facility near our homes, and generally prevented a big blow that would create a much-diminished quality of life in our community.

But our volunteer work is not nearly enough. Legal action is essential. We have seen very clearly that well-financed developers will have their way at County Commission if they are not stopped legally.

Our attorneys have done an excellent job in fighting a prejudiced, largely pro-development bureaucracy through tireless diligence and strategic work.

Excellence comes at a price. Now it is time for us to step up and pay off our remaining outstanding bill.

If they are not to run over us, developers must understand we have rights and we mean to protect them. They must not be allowed to sneak around through the back door when we are not looking. We must remain prepared to push back legally.

If you have not done so, please send your check today. If you have already given please consider doubling or tripling your gift so we can clear our account.

Here’s how:

1) donate anonymously by using the Donate button on our northshorecorridorassociation.org website.

2) send checks made out to ORNL to NCA at PO Box 34071, 37930.

3) send checks directly to Kramer Rayson LLP to the attention of Tom Hale at PO Box 629, Knoxville, TN 37901.

Please put NCA is the memo line.

We can’t do it without you.