Thank You For Contributions

THANK YOU to all who have kindly asked how to contribute toward retiring the last of legal fees. THANK YOU to all who have given along the way and continue to give. Thank you for advocating with your neighborhood groups.

We have now paid all but about $73,000 of a total of over $200,000 of total costs (research, expert witnesses, legal and engineering fees, signage, printing, website, communication, etc. ) That is in addition to untold hours of volunteer effort and deep discounts of professional services) – all to get our representatives to enforce the law and properly apply the ordinances and statutes on the books to protect the investment we have in our community, our quality of life in Knox County.

Here’s how to give:
1) donate anonymously by using the DONATE button on our website.
2) send checks made out to ORNL to NCA at PO Box 34071, 37930.
3) send checks directly to Kramer Rayson LLP to the attention of Tom Hale at PO Box 629, Knoxville, TN 37901. Please put NCA is the memo line.

We are quite proud of our very large base of volunteers and supporters. Over two thousand of you read or responded to our post on the judges’ ruling. I think we can safely call that a broad-based effort and a victory for the people!

We could not and cannot do it without you.
(FYI For the privacy of our volunteers and donors we have remained a simple, unofficial community group) That is why all gifts must be made to ORNL FCU. As a safeguard, three leadership team members are on the ORNL account and two signatures are required on all checks.