Tedford Lane: Knox County Commissioners Listening

Please join me in thanking County Commissioner John Schoonmaker for hearing our concerns about the Tedford Road re-zoning question and for sharing his knowledge. Most of all, we should thank him for helping us to understand the county’s structure and process for effectively addressing zoning concerns.

Commissioner Schoonmaker suggests we:

*understand the current zoning (agricultural) as well as the zoning proposed (transitional), what is allowed and what is not, and that zoning, once in place endures, regardless of property ownership.

*understand how to be effective. Only Knoxville Knox County Planning (formerly MPC) controls re-zoning. We must communicate our concerns to the commissioners.
*contact the commissioners with our concerns (of course, be polite, respectful, organized and brief. That can be done by letter, email, phone call or face-to-face meeting.

*attend the agenda meeting (April 11th at 1:00) and the hearing. If you want to speak you will need to call ahead and be placed on the agenda. Present your concerns, as above, respectfully, factually, briefly.

Here is the link to the commissioners bios and contact information:

Do I need to say – if we want good government we must participate and insist on good government (and planning!)?