Summary of Saturday Meeting on Ebenezer Parcel

Summary of Saturday meeting on Ebenezer parcel.
The meeting was well attended.
*Holrob, the proposed developer provided a tent, hot beverages, a communications sign up sheet, displays and a presentation on their plans.
*Mark Shipe, President of Holrob Realty outlined their plan for small shops and restaurants and welcomed questions and comments.
*Also in attendance was David Reynolds , President of Home Federal Bank, owner of the parcel.
*The parcel (except for a “sliver”)is zoned for neighborhood commercial development
*Home Federal has owned the parcel for many years and has maintained it and allowed community use. They have had the property for sale for many years.
*Mr. Reynolds told the group Home Federal intends to sell the property now and of the offers received the Holrob plan was by far the most compatible with the community and that was why they were chosen – based on their reputation and their other developments in the local community.
*Weigels Corporation previously owned the property and planned a convenience store gas station.
*A long time resident of Bexhill told the group the parcel was owned by the Bexhill developer prior to Weigels and that he intended to develop it for commercial use, something he explained to the early residents.
*A resident asked whether it would be possible for residents to purchase the property for use as a park. Mr. Reynolds said HF has granted an option to Holrob and they would need to honor that. Mr. Shipe said Holrob has a significant investment they would seek to recoup.
*Several residents addressed aspects of the plan and asked if changes would be considered. Mr. Shipe said he welcomes good ideas and looks forward to working with the neighborhood on a plan the complies with the zoning and is workable for Holrob.