Really Good News!

Really good news!
The three judge appellate panel has affirmed Judge Davis’ ruling in our Northshore Corridor Association case against the developers of Post Oak Bend! The judges agreed with our belief that placing a sewer treatment plant in a residential zone violated the Knox County zoning ordinance.
Our attorneys are very pleased with the thorough, very detailed opinion which does much to clarify the points of law we raised throughout. While it is still possible for the defendants to request the opportunity to appeal to the State of TN Supreme Court, we feel this strong appellate ruling greatly diminishes their likelihood of success.
We owe great thanks to our legal team – Tom Hale and Brandon Morrow of Kramer Rayson, LLP for the many, many hours they devoted to researching, preparing and presenting our case. We hope you will join us in extending our thanks to them not only for their professional acumen and hard work but also for the confidence they placed in our loose affiliation of homeowners and volunteers.