Of the people, by the people, for the people? Which people?

Campaign contributions for county commission candidates are now out. We are posting them here compliments of Compass/Jesse Mayshark for the candidates for our most important two west Knox County commission districts – the 4th and 5th.

In the Fourth (Bearden/Northshore area) we are losing Hugh Nystrom who we believe has worked to be fair and helpful. Our choices in the Republican primary to replace him are Scott Broyles and Kyle Ward. We have invited both to meet with us. We will let you know the results.

In the Fifth Northshore/Farragut) our friend/commissioner, John Schoonmaker has unexpected opposition from newcomer Clayton Wood.

If we believe campaign contributions may indicate donors’ wishes to influence our commissioners then we should know the figures.

From today’s Compass:

4th District: With no incumbent running, the Republican primary in this West Knox district has generated the highest cumulative donations of any Commission race so far. Developers and construction interests figure on both sides of the ledger.
Scott Broyles, CEO of the National Safe Skies Alliance, reported $19,125 in contributions. Kyle Ward, owner of Ward Waste Solutions, reported $11,766.09.
Broyles’s list features a roll call of prominent Republicans: Stowers, Colquitt, Trust Company CEO Sharon Pryse, developer Scott Davis, Denark Construction CEO Raja Jubran and Sherri Lee. Also among his donors are County Commissioner Larsen Jay, school board member Virginia Babb, and former City Council members Finbarr Saunders and Nick Pavlis.
Much of Ward’s support comes from developers and real estate professionals including Davis (who is apparently covering his bets in this race), Tim Graham and Holrob president Mark Shipe.
5th District: Apart from the property assessor’s race, the largest fundraising disparity is in this southwest Knox County district, which includes Farragut and Concord. Incumbent John Schoonmaker, who is completing his first full term, reported zero money raised. His challenger in the Republican primary, pastor and lawyer Clayton Wood, reported $15,425.
Wood’s largest contributors include Colquitt, Scott Davis, former school board Chair Doug Harris, investor Jordan Mollenhour (who is also Wood’s campaign treasurer) and Andy Johnson, CEO of wine and spirits distributor Beverage Control Inc.

Stay tuned. Much more to come…