NCA achieves major concessions on Tooles Bend development and will continue efforts

Thanks to your efforts, we have achieved major concessions from the developers of Post Oak Bend. They’ve agreed to a number of important traffic safety improvements to Tooles Bend Road and Tedford Lane too numerous to mention here. They also promised:

  • Water and sewer line improvements
  • A new wastewater treatment facility
  • The protection of 21 acres along Tooles Bend from future development.

In addition, the developer has entered into an agreement to drastically improve the intersection of Northshore Drive and Tooles Bend Road.

The developer will be responsible for or will share in the cost of all the needed infrastructure improvements. Also, approvals are still needed by the developers from TVA and Army Corps of Engineers, which we will make sure are done properly.

In addition, the State of Tennessee has undertaken a plan for major improvements to Northshore Drive.

We didn’t get everything we wanted but we should be proud of our efforts. We also need to stay in the game to make sure the promises that were made are kept, and to continue to push for more needed improvements.

This is far from over. So stay tuned and stay involved. We’ll keep you updated, here and on our Facebook page. Again, thanks for fighting for smart development in Knox County!

Diane Montgomery

Bryan Spears

Northshore Corridor Association


Details from the MPC meeting