Mayor Jacobs’ Proposal

Today Knox County Planning Commission considers Mayor Jacobs’ proposal (presented by County Commissioner Randy Smith), to eliminate citizens’ right to appeal zoning decisions to the Board of Zoning Appeals. County Commision last month deferred to Planning Commission to make a recommendation on the proposal that would force citizens and citizen groups directly to court. That, in the opinion of some, would greatly increase appellants’ costs, would increase the time involved and would remove the likelihood of plan modifications and amicable settlement.
Not surprisingly, the proposal has met considerable opposition and criticism, particularly following, as it does, the Mayor’s other attempts to reduce or remove citizen input, and in his words “streamline” the rezoning process.
The Mayor has made several public appearances promoting his proposal. Comments he has made publicly have been challenged as inaccurate.
A representative of the Knox County Planning Alliance will be speaking to Planning Commissioners today and presenting a comprehensive history of BZA’s actions and results. Stay tuned…