May 2020 Update

NCA neighbors,

We hope you are well and safe – as we are.

Just a little update. As you recall, we have had good success in court. From the outset the plaintiffs have vowed to appeal. In light of the COVID situation the judge allowed them through May 6th to do that. We now have notice they intend to do so.

The good news is they have very little chance of success. Judge Davis is thorough, well-grounded in the law, and has issued her decision narrowly.

The bad news is our attorneys must go through the process – at our additional expense. Given the fact that the courts are not operating on a normal schedule the process is likely to extend through the end of this year.

We will keep you posted here. We continue to ask for your patience and we will come back to you later to ask for your additional financial support. More later. Be safe. This will all end at some point.