Letter From Byran Spears

From Bryan Spears –
regarding litigation, potential future development
April 14, 2021
Tooles area neighbors,
A couple of bits of news for you. After our recent victory in Appeals court, the developer’s legal team put forth a motion for the court to review their decision. This is sort of like asking the judges if they are really sure about their ruling and asking for another look-see. The motion we’re told has been denied by the court. This is sort of the court’s way of saying “yes we’re sure, now move on.” So, another victory for NCA in that the challenge was denied.
That being said, we’ve recently found out that there’s yet another developer who has expressed interest in the Bailey Farm. Unfortunately, we don’t have any real details other than the developer is aware of the issues we’ve raised and likewise aware of the court cases. However, beyond that we don’t know much. This could be a good thing in that it could possibly be a developer who realizes the massive Post Oak concept is flawed and not feasible and hopefully has a plan for something much better. Or as the old saying goes, it could always be worse. No way to know until that developer puts something on paper or releases some details about their plan. We also don’t know if this would-be developer is working directly with the Bailey family or just looking to buy the land in order to work independently of the family.
We all believe something will eventually be developed on the farm given its size and relation to the river so we need to remain diligent to our cause of holding people accountable and providing a system of checks and balances for both developers and Knox County planning. That being said, our ability to do so still remains tied to our ability to fundraise and pay our legal bills. Several people did give in conjunction to the recent Appeals court victory and we thank them very much. But much more is still needed to shore up our outstanding balance. We will keep you posted regarding any new information about the potential new developer as details emerge. In the meantime, if you can help with any amount of donation it would be greatly appreciated.
You can send checks directly to Kramer Rayson at PO Box 629 Knoxville 37901 if you’d like. Address to the attention of Tom Hale and put NCA in the memo line so it gets credited to our account.
You can also mail us a check at PO Box 34071 Knoxville 37930. PLEASE MAKE THOSE CHECKS OUT TO ORNL FCU, NOT NCA or we won’t be able to deposit them.
You can also donate on our website at northshorecorridorassociation.org by using the yellow donate button in the top right corner.
Thanks again for your continued support,
Bryan on behalf of NCA Steering Group