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Jim Snowden, Knox County Senior Engineer has posted:
Jim Snowden
12:25 PM (2 minutes ago)
Hello All,
I’m sure everyone is glad to see the dry and sunny days! Thankfully, the combination of our pumping efforts and these dry days has removed the short-term threat of damage. To summarize, we have used our portable pump almost continuously (minus Saturday’s miscommunication) for one week. By doing so, we conservatively estimate we have pumped 41,000,000 gallons of water from the lake, not including the water discharged by the culvert, providing at least 5 -6 inches of capacity. In light of these events, we will be removing the pump today to allow the drainage crew to resume their day-to-day activities.
Please keep in mind we will continue to monitor the forecast and lake levels and remobilize if need be. To assist in this effort, we will also be installing a reflective gauge at the outlet to help everyone understand the levels.
As Cathy (Olsen, also of KC Engineering) noted previously, we continue to work towards a long-term solution and hope to have more definitive answers with Federal funding very soon.
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