Important Letter From Bryan Spears

Important letter from Bryan Spears.

Dear NCA Supporters:

When our trial in Circuit Court concluded, the judge gave both parties a few weeks to submit their case law summary as well as any other briefs. As of last Friday, all final documents from both sides have been submitted. At this point, we are just awaiting the judge’s decision. There’s no definitive time frame but most expect to have a ruling by mid October. We are optimistic about the ruling. The judge clearly understood the issues and was asking all the right questions. I think we can depend on her to issue a fair decision.

In the last week, Bruce Giles from First utility has been quoted as saying they have abandoned the plan to build a waste treatment plant on the Post Oak property to support the development. Mr Giles has indicated that they are going back to the original plan of extending current sewer lines instead. That extension is presumably from Amberleigh subdivision since that was the original plan stated by Darby Campbell at the initial June 2018 informational meeting he held.

This is significant because we’ve argued all along that the plant wasn’t allowed under PR zoning. This change in the developer’s plan would seem to indicate that they believe we are correct and that the judge is going to rule against them on that point. This is a major victory for NCA and definitely wouldn’t have happened had we not taken the developers to task.

Our investments in time and money are paying dividends but there’s still much work to be done. We continue to accumulate legal fees at the rate of around $25,000 per month. We need your continued support. Our legal team has done an amazing job and we need to continue to show our thanks by paying our bills promptly. We hope we can count on all of you to help pay against our outstanding balance.

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Thanks for your continued support. Together we will prevail.