Here We Go Again…

Here we go again. OUR SIGN is gone. Again.

OUR SIGN at Northshore Drive and Tooles Bend Road erected to inform you of the outcome of our successful litigation against Post Oak Bend and Knox County was removed Tuesday afternoon from the private property on which it was erected.

If you are among those who saw it being removed we would much appreciate speaking with you. We are offering a substantial reward for the right information.

If you have information and wish to contact us privately, please drop a note with instructions on contacting you to our PO box 34071 Knoxville, TN 37930 ASAP. Otherwise, post a note here and we will contact you.

A bit of history – Last summer vandals took our (expensive, professionally done) sign and threw it in the creek. Unknown to them, the vandals were observed and we were given a description. We paid a reward and recovered OUR SIGN but did not seek to prosecute. We restored the sign and continued to communicate with our supporters through it about meetings, important events, etc.

Next, someone complained to Knox County which then cited and removed OUR SIGN. By then, we were in opposition to the County on its approvals of Post Oak and for a time we could not seem to clarify with and satisfy County codes over seemingly shifting requirements – until our legal counsel intervened. Then, when we tried to retrieve OUR SIGN, the County could not find it.

With the new version of OUR SIGN we were confident of our right to post it and of course worked hard to strictly meet guidelines on size, height, and placement. We feel strongly that as citizens we are entitled to civic action communication and we would like to discourage vandalism, harassment and future attempts at intimidation.

We will keep you posted. Stay tuned.