Helping Keller Bend

Dear Neighbors-
We have had a request from the Keller Bend area.
They had a home break-in last night or early this morning. A door lock was beaten in and a wood splitter was taken from a Keller Bend Road home. They ask us to be on alert with them and to be aggressive both in watching and reporting activity.
No question we have home intruders/thieves working in our area. We now have reliable reports from Tedford Rd., Tooles Bend Road, Amberleigh, Rocky Hill and Riverbend.
On Tuesday morning, just after a family member pulled out for work I heard music, apparently a car radio immediately outside my garage door. I had just come in from my deck collecting bird feeders. It appears I startled someone, as by the time I could get to an upstairs window to look down on the driveway no car was visible, however, a nearby dog was barking.
One neighborhood has their eye on a potential suspect but doesn’t want to give out any details at this time.
215-2444 is the non-emergency number for the Sheriff’s Dept. They and our neighbors ask that we report any suspicious activity, for example, an unknown car trolling or parked, anyone walking that you don’t recognize, a dog barking that doesn’t often bark. I would also suggest more lighting at night as several events have been at night.
I have installed additional motion sensor lights. Got the last ones at Lowes for only about $20. each They are LED solar and work great. Very easy to install as they don’t require wiring. Cameras are even better.
As always, be cautious, be alert, first of all, however, be safe, call for help.