Fourth District Commissioner Race

A follower has asked us to post regarding the Fourth District commissioner race between Republican candidate Kyle Ward and Democratic candidate Todd Frommeyer. Specifically, our follower says Mr. Frommeyer has made an issue of Mr. Ward accepting “developer money”.
At least several developers live in our district (4). It seems to be the practice of developers to send money to any candidate they believe may be elected. We presume this is to curry favor. However, it should be pointed out this does not mean that candidate sought the developers’ support nor that he/she will necessarily vote in favor of those contributors.
It is our position that knowledgeably engaging the candidates and commissioners in conversation on the issues and following those issues through the processes, letting them understand our needs and concerns is the way to be effective in influencing their votes. We encourage you to do that. We do our best but need much citizen help.
It is important to draw out the candidates on their positions on the issues that concern you. We believe it is a candidate’s responsibility to be forthcoming with their views.