Facts are critical to good decision making

Facts are critical to good decision making. To our knowledge there is no economic impact analysis and no infrastructure needs assessment being done prior to the approval of new development projects in Knox County.
Here are some facts relevant to the development requests immediately pending before our commissioners. ( Courtesy of Kim Frazier, Hardin Valley Planning Advocates) :
Hardin Valley Planning Advocates – HVPA
December 2 at 11:32 AM
Hardin Valley Schools Current Data
Hardin Valley Elementary: Capacity 900, Enrollment 1304, 5 portables, 2 more portables have been ordered
Hardin Valley Middle School: Capacity 1200, Enrollment 1081, HVES currently has the largest 4th and 5th grade classes in history
Hardin Valley Academy: Capacity 1800, Enrollment 2125