Crime Alert

ALERT. Reliable neighbor/NCA followers have sent us information over the past two weeks of several alarming incidents along Tooles Bend and Tedford Roads. At least two homes have been entered and one home completely emptied by burglars.
In other incidents, individuals were seen on or in properties. There has been a sighting of a young white male, dressed seemingly inappropriately for the weather (impaired?) walking about neighboring property (reconnaissance?).
We urge you to be vigilant and to report anything you may see to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. The deputies ask us to report ANYTHING suspicious to them. Don’t worry about annoying them. What may seem irrelevant to you could be the one observation that helps them knit together a case. Don’t expect feedback from the deputies. They won’t give out information that could damage a case in the making or cast false suspicion. They are also very busy keeping us safe.
We also urge you to talk to your neighbors and watch each other’s homes and vehicles.