Clayton Wood Followup

Dear Northshore Corridor Friends,

We have again heard from Clayton Wood. Mr. Wood has once more accused us of lying.

If you are a regular reader you know that we have worked to profile the Commission candidates of the fourth and fifth districts in the Knox County Republican primary and to share that information here.

Regarding Mr. Wood we feel we should restate

– we sent a list of questions to Mr. Wood via his website, Clayton for Commission several three times (by way of the comment function and also by private message) asking him to elaborate on his comments in a previously published interview.

-each time we submitted them, our questions were either deleted (or hidden) without response, until

-without signing his name, but referring to the questions we sent him, Mr Wood posted a response accusing us of lying and of endorsing his opponent.

Some of us, as individuals have endorsed John Schoonmaker and Scott Broyles.

Northshore Corridor Association, which is comprised of several thousand loosely affiliated individuals has not endorsed any candidate.

We regret any confusion to Mr. Wood or to any followers of our page.

Should Mr. Wood choose to submit his positions we will happily post them.