Candidate Update


As mentioned we have been reaching out to the candidates. On several occasions, we have reached out to Clayton Wood via his Facebook page Clayton for Commission. There we have posted a set of questions, following up on his interview with Jesse Mayshark of Compass. We were inquiring about Mr. Wood’s positions on the Knox County Growth Plan and on his participation/attendance at commission, planning and BZA meetings as well as other matters. Each time, we posted our questions disappeared without response. This morning we reposted those and received a response (see it here at the end of this post).

AS AN ORGANIZATION WE ARE NOT ENDORSING CANDIDATES. AS INDIVIDUALS each of us is, of course, free to endorse whom we please. Several of us have endorsed those candidates about whom we have good information or with whom we have adequate experience.

From Clayton Wood:


Your group already endorsed my opponent. I have been to meetings of all of the above. Unlike John, I am an attorney and have been one longer than Bud Armstrong. I do not appreciate you lying
1. That you reached out and I didnt respond. That didnt happen until after you had already endorsed John.
2. That you dont endorse. If you mean that you and your coleader personally endorse but the group doesnt…I do not have the time or energy to work with disingenous people during a short campaign season.

Have a nice day.