Call from MPC Director Gerald Green

Dear NCA Supporters:

I got a call from MPC Director Gerald Green. Gerald informed me that money has been appropriated for a full traffic mobility study for the Northshore corridor including areas between Lyons Bend and Pellissippi. This of course is something NCA has been pushing for for the past year. Previously the state’s plan to address Northshore improvements wasn’t slated to start until the year 2030. But this study could accelerate that plan by establishing data that shows improvement needs already exist. It will also give much needed data to evaluate the impact of any future housing developments along Northshore.

This good news is the result of hard work on the behalf of several members of the NCA Steering Committee. Key committee members have spent countless hours consulting with TDOT, the Knox County Mayor, County Commissioners, and the Roads and Engineering Dept for some time now. We owe them a great thanks, but they are too humble to seek public recognition for their efforts. However, you can show your thanks and support by helping us pay our legal bills. Doing so will help us continue these efforts that are in fact paying dividends. I truly believe this study would not have been funded at this point without the tenacity of our organization.

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