Bluegrass Lake Threatening Once Again

Once more Bluegrass Lake is threatening the homes and businesses surrounding it. This is still happening more than two years after it flooded those homes and businesses and trapped many residents in their neighborhood for days. One man died when nearby Ebenezer Road was deeply flooded and his car became trapped in the floodwaters.
We have been part of a group pressing Knox County for corrective action. What has taken place is a very prolonged back and forth in which the county has looked to other parties to fund or to participate financially in the much needed corrective work.
At first there was extended back and forth with the City of Knoxville. More recently, the county has looked to the state and this week we have been told they are looking into seeking federal (Covid recovery) funds. All along, numerous neighbors have reminded the county of their peril and asked for action. The most recent county response has been a conversation about the use and whereabouts of pumps the community was told were purchased to pump out the overflow.
Bluegrass Lake has become a symbolic and sadly glaring example of the lack of planning and funding to keep our roads,homes, neighborhoods and businesses safe as County Commission continues to override zoning and permit runaway building with no plan for essential supporting infrastructure.