Bluegrass Flooding Update – July 10, 2021

Blue Grass Lake Flooding Update
Knox County Engineering officials met with neighbors of Blue Grass Lake last week in an event hosted by Nancy Barger at Hunter Valley Pavilion. The meeting was in response to numerous requests and inquiries, particularly from near neighbors and business owners directly impacted by the flooding events. After months of study there is a proposed solution, pending finding funding for the project.
Here is a summary from the meeting.
JULY 6, 2021
Purpose of Project: Mitigate flooding in the vicinity of Bluegrass Lake
Water Surface Elevations:
• Target Water Surface Elevation of 819 feet during 100-yr 24-hr Storm Event (February 2019 Storm)
• TVA Flood Easement 820 feet
• South Northshore Road Elevation @ low points approximately 820 feet
• Lowest Finish Floor Elevation = 820.22 (2110 Keller Bend). Next lowest 820.85 (1937 Northshore Hills Dr.)
Proposed Project Approach:
• 20,000 GPM (gallons per minute) Stormwater Pump Station with provisions in-place to expand to 30,000 gpm.
• Enlarge existing tunnel interconnect between Bluegrass Lake and Fort Loudoun Lake from a minimum of 48” diameter to 72” diameter along the entire length.
• Lower Bluegrass Lake Level to Water Surface Elevation 803 and maintain this level from around November through April.
Estimated Project Cost: $9Million
Estimated Project Duration (Design-Bid-Build): 24 months
Major Project Constraints:
• Funding
• Permitting
What’s Next:
• Initiate Project Permitting with regulatory agencies (TVA, TDEC and TDOT).
• Explore/pursue funding opportunities – American Rescue Fund Act of 2021/Community Project Funding.