Big Shout Out

We are long overdue in giving a big shout out to Knox County Commissioner John Schoonmaker. Commissioner Schoonmaker reached out to NCA early on as we floundered about trying to learn our way around county government. He kindly and adeptly pointed us to the right places and procedures.

When it came time for hearings we met with every commissioner who would talk to us. John Schoonmaker not only listened, but he also guided us, kept his promises and advocated for us to the best of his ability.

We have found Commissioner Schoonmaker to be a knowledgeable leader and a man of integrity.

Today we find ourselves once more in Commissioner Schoonmaker’s debt. The Town of Farragut now is the only barrier between Mayor Jacobs and victory on his ill-conceived amendment to gut the legal force of the Knox County Growth Plan – on which our lawsuit depended.

We have been working with the Farragut aldermen on this matter. John Schoonmaker stepped to the podium last night to clarify and reinforced the points that concern us.

Thank you, Commissioner Schoonmaker. NCA owes you a big debt.

Commissioners Nystrom, Daily and Gill also stood with us at critical moments. We are grateful to each of you.