Judge Davis affirmed her ruling.

Today we were in court again as Judge Davis heard the request from Safe Harbor Development and Knox County that asked the judge to amend her own ruling.

After patiently hearing full arguments, Judge Davis let her ruling stand, even in the face of the threat/promise(?) from the defendants that they will appeal her ruling.

Judge Davis also let both sides further develop related arguments but did not rule favorably on those (which get into rather complex matters of law, too much for sharing here).

We felt that was advantageous to us since if there is an appeal those matters have already been developed by our attorneys and are in the record along with the judge’s view of the arguments.

Now our battle is at the ballot box as the same people opposing us in court apparently seek to remove and replace county commissioners unfavorable to their views of Knox County zoning and Development.

A quick check of candidates’ financial disclosures makes it clear the developers in this lawsuit along with other developers and their allies are backing Clayton Wood in the fifth district against John Schoonmaker, long term fifth district commissioner. Possibly that is why Mr. Wood has not offered us his positions to share here with you and has not chosen to answer our interview questions.

As you will recall, since 2018 when we were a fledgling bunch of neighbors/citizens stumbling our way along, Commissioner Schoonmaker patiently guided us through the complexities of county processes, boards, and commissions that control zoning. We have watched him stand firm on rezoning requests that would burden the citizens/taxpayers.

We regret if his assistance of citizen groups like ours has brought him well-financed opposition.

For detailed information on campaign contributions, you can check the candidates’ disclosures at the Knox County election commission website. Contribution amounts, as well as professional affiliation, are listed there.

We hope you will get to the polls and make your choice – well armed with the facts.