Action Alert – Help Protect Knox County

On Tuesday a bill will be considered in the state legislature to ELIMINATE the Knox County Growth Plan! This is a bad bill, pushed by a handful of politicians and developers that removes citizen control of their own communities and opens the door wide for rampant over-development.

WE NEED YOU TO CONTACT THE MEMBERS to let them know KNOX COUNTY RESIDENTS OPPOSE SB 2221 the ill-conceived bill that would remove restrictions (i.e. density) on use of most remaining land in Knox County.

PLEASE SEND A VERY BRIEF EMAIL ASAP SAYING YOU OPPOSE SB 2221. Then please post here DONE so we can keep a count.

Below are the committee members’ emails. Our Senator, Dr. Richard Briggs is vice-chair of this committee. He and his fellow committee members (8) need to know what we think. We have been told these are good men and women – who may not realize this bill is not supported by the citizens.

Please write the legislators below with 2-3 quick sentences. Ask them to Vote No on HB2306/SB2221!