A Letter From Kim Frazier

Below is a letter from our colleague, Kim Frazier of Hardin Valley sent to County Commissioners yesterday. It is interesting as a partial list of the new developments proposed or already approved for only the Hardin Valley portion of West Knox County. Neighbors in all sectors of the County are experiencing similar demands for development. Their pleas to County Commission seem to have little effect in slowing the approvals until infrastructure needs can be assessed.

Good day, Commissioners,

I would like to ask all of you for a few general considerations in regards to density requests brought before you during the zoning portion of your regular meetings.

I think that we all can agree that we are in favor of increased densities in Planned Growth Areas and where services can be provided economically. I think can we can also agree that requests to rezone AG (agriculture) to PR (planned residential) continue to increase as Planned Growth Areas become more saturated and / or more expenses therefore, less desirable to developers. So development is pushing infrastructure needs into rural areas causing staggered development, use of tax dollars to extend infrastructure, overcrowded schools and various water issues. Our county missed a great opportunity to review the current land use designation map and implement a vision for managed growth with coordinated infrastructure during the Growth Plan review process. So as a result, both the planning commission body and this body will have the continued task of making land use and planning decisions that really should be left in the hands of land use and planning professionals, respectfully.

I hope by now that you know that I, nor the HV community group, oppose growth and development. Not to say that there are not a few hundred folks that do not want to see any additional growth, because there are and I hear from them. But we maintain our position on supporting suitable development with managed growth and coordinated infrastructure.

So to my point, I have observed from attending meetings that often the subject of density requests at the county commission level are often decided by asking the applicant “what do you need to make this work”. I understand the intent of this question, as we would all like to see continued cooperation among developers, builders, land owners, elected officials and community members, however, I would like to encourage each of you to instead refer to the land’s zoning and density history, density of surrounding development, planning commission staff recommendations, the planning commission board decision, school enrollments, road conditions, existing construction and housing opportunities, market values (we often see where over market land prices drive density, instead of planning and land use principles – it is not the responsibility of our officials to justify a developer’s land purchase), and existing services.

In close, I leave you with a list of current developments with ongoing construction and available affordable housing. Also, current school enrollments are provided.

As always, thank you for your service and dedication to Knox County. You are truly appreciated.

In Service,
Kim Frazier
Hardin Valley Planning Advocates

Subdivisions: As you read through this list, consider student yields, vehicles and number of dwellings from Watt Road to the east side of Pellissippi Parkway.

Covered Bridge

Massey Creek

Hunter’s Way

Harrison Springs

The Villas – new

New Development on Marietta Church – unnamed

Vining Mill

Braxton Creek

Laurel Ridge

The Brooke

Creekside Manor


The Glen

Hickory Crest

The Highlands

Lovell Cove

Hayden Hill

Everett Woods

Black Forest

New subdivision on Hickory Creek— there are three different builders

Brandywine at Turkey Creek-

Hidden View farms

Yarnell Station

Hamilton Farm

Hope Springs- D.R. Horton

Hardin Valley and Campbell Station – in concept plan phase

Campbell Station – subdivision planned by Hughston Homes

Turner Homes – Goodison Park, George Light

Schools August 2019:
Hardin Valley Elementary
Capacity 900
Enrollment 1220

Hardin Valley Middle School
Capacity 1200
Enrollment 1012

Hardin Valley Academy
Capacity 1800 classroom
2100 building
Enrollment 2086